Your roadmap to more customer satisfaction and higher project quality

Building trust between you and your customer

When preparing and carrying out your projects, it is of great importance that your customers’ expectations are met and there is no miscommunication or unpleasant surprizes during the handover of the project. 

If you want your projects to run smoothly and you don't want the stress of unnecessary friction with your end-customer, you need to be as transparent and clear as possible about what both parties can expect.

Thanks to the recommendations by KNX Association, both parties can rely on the best possible project handling by the supplier and the customer.

Applying Best Practices never been easier

The KNX Best Practices is a checklist of recommendations about the project preparation and hand-over, without being a legal binding document. This checklist is made specifically with a split view, so both parties can individually check their commitment and understanding. 

By signing the form with these recommendations set up by KNX Association, both parties can guarantee the best possible outcome for the handling of the KNX project.

How do you benefit from KNX Best Practices

Benefits for the system integrator
KNX Best Practices provide clear guidelines for the best possible procedure for your KNX project. This does not only assure that the best practices are followed, thanks to the early involvement of the system integrator, the result is guaranteed to be according to your customer needs. Best Practices are your roadmap to more customer satisfaction and high project quality.

Benefits for your customers
Besides the obvious use of the best market practices, the end-customer can rest assured that the installation has been implemented to the highest standards, whereas the system integrator can legally secure himself from any kind of resulting dispute. Furthermore, due to the complete transparency of the project handling, the outcome of the installation is guaranteed to be according to the agreed terms and conditions

Applying Best Now

Are you about to start or at the beginning of your project? If so, then talk to your end-customer to make sure that the highest standards recommended by KNX Association are followed. 

The KNX BEST PRACTICES constitute a code of conduct, which contains recommendations about the project preparation, handling and hand-over and is therefore not binding for any party under no power of any institution. KNX Association advises to verify any deviation from the list below and confirm the agreed procedure by both parties beforehand. For any questions regarding the KNX BEST PRACTICES please contact